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See the frequently asked questions below to learn more about Ongea Sana, and how to use it, even it help with the problems if you have some, how to use and some qustions from other Ongea Sana users.

The Ongea Sana username and password are located inside the application, on the install you will write the telephone number in the international format (EXP. 49xxx or 33xxx) then you will get a verification code from us, where you write in the app again to get registered

Common Queries and Questions

  1. Can I use the app from the IOS App Store on more than one device?
  2. Can I use the app from the Google Play on more than one device?

Both App's if it's IOS App Store or from Google Play, can be used in more than one device if you want, it dependes on the telephone number you register, if you want to use in more devices you should register with diffrent telephone numbers, App can be used also in IPad, or tablet if you want.

  • What prices are our services? +

    You can use Ongea Sana for any credit you want. Our vouchers price through Agents is 5$, but you can recharge your account for more through PAYPAL, or any credit card you have.
  • What is our refund policy? +

    We offer a pay back for paid credit through PayPal if the credit is not used.
  • What payments methods do we accept? +

    We accept payment through buying for our Vouchers, or PAYPAL, and Credit card. Use the Setting and go to PAYPAL to make the payment needed.
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With Ongea Sana Let us help you set up your Ongea Sana and show you some of the great features that come with it, We’re always happy to welcome a new Ongea Sana user. Here are a few topics to help you get started. Get additional information and support from Ongea Sana, the people who know Ongea Sana best, help eachother in Ongea Sana Fourm. Find out if your Ongea Sana is installed or learn more about purchasing vouchers, or how to change the call quality.

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Use our free telephone support and get contacted to our team to help and guide you through the use of our App. Our free reserved number for you is 24/7 is presense please try to call from our App 5551829299803.

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Your support inquiry will be integerated in our Ticket system, all the inquieries have very good support and our team is answering very fast. Our support email is ready to get your quastions at .

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We offer also Online live chat for you, our team is online for you starte an online chat in our site Ongea Sana and get with one of our customers service team in contact and start sending your quastions.

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Ongea Sana is offered through all App Stores, if you are using IOS system although IPhone or IPad, then download it from Apple Store, if you are using Android then download it from Google Play, both having the same functionality.